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Apollo MedSkills

At the behest of his father, in 1971, Dr. Reddy left behind a flourishing practice in Boston and returned to India. On his return he found the medical landscape in the country plagued by gaps in infrastructure, delivery and affordability. Things took a turn for the worse when he lost a young patient who just did not have the means to go abroad for treatment. The incident marked a cross road in Dr. Reddy's life and steeled his determination to get quality healthcare to India. He set the blueprint to build India's first multi-specialty private sector hospital.

Undaunted and unfazed by the obstacles faced, Apollo Hospitals opened its doors in 1983 and ever since nurtured a goal which read as "Our mission is to bring healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity".

An academic environment brings in the continuous process of learning and updating oneself and others.

Three pillars form the foundation on which the finest healthcare institutions in the world have been built – clinical excellence, academic excellence and research excellence. The Apollo Hospitals group focuses on all three with equal priority.

Apollo MedSkills

Apollo has accreditation for 30 Diplomate of National Board (DNB) training courses for doctors in various disciplines such as Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Critical Care, Endocrinology, ENT, Family Medicine, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Microbiology, Nephrology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Nuclear Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics, Pathology, Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgery, Radiology, Radiotherapy Respiratory Medicine, Transfusion Medicine and Urology.

Apollo has 11 schools of Nursing and 2 schools of Hospital Management and Physiotherapy. Medvarsity offers fellowships and diploma courses in various fields of healthcare training like Family medicine, Emergency medicine , Intensive care training programmes for doctors and many courses for paramedical personnel. Apollo in collaboration with IGNOU has been offering educational courses in paramedical, allied health, medical assistantship and various medical specialty sciences .

Apollo Health Knowledge City (AHKC) is a unique concept of an integrated health knowledge city for healthcare skill impartment, training, education and research. AHKC will be established in the next 3 years. Apollo in collaboration with IGNOU started offering educational courses in paramedical, allied health, medical assistantship and medical specialty sciences.